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Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3 @ Lublin Cultural Centre (24.1.17)

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  • Jada Fash

    Rookie (Dance Entertainer)
    Robert Mitchell
    Provide cell if not currently working for a club http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/res/6024364976.html Sent from my Verizon LG Smartphone _________…
    Jada Fash
    to Robert
    11 hours agoDetails

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    Jada Fash
    to Robert
    9 hours agoDetails
    I will find you. . Try to hide. And you will regret what you’re doing to innocent females.

    This man is Robert Mitchell, a jazz pianist from London; very well known musician from the contemporary jazz world. In addition to his musical career, Robert has also found a career in posing as a co-owner of Magic City (a popular adult entertainment club in Atlanta, GA). To add to the ambiance of anonymity, he will go by the name “Hot Rod” or “Mike” whilst the scouting of women looking for employment on Craigslist. Mitchell ochestrates an illusion of potential success for these young women and arranges an interview where it is required for the woman to “audition” as a dancer with a strip tease, and exhibitionism (having the woman perform acts of masturbation). Once the audition is done ( he will also give you a reason why he has his video off for you not to see him, but will show you a quick glance of his face per urgent request before he immediately shuts off the camera off again, which is most likely to keep his masturbating out of sight) he will congratulate the woman as a new addition to the business and mentions a few more skype meetings to really “prepare” you for what to expect on the job. Once the woman has figured out that the Robert Mitchell on his skype profile is in no relevance or connection to Magic City, and that instead he is a jazz pianist, he WILL proceed to block your number and your Skype, not assuming that it takes one woman to expose him for his fraudulence and perverse deceit.
    This man must be exposed for his voyeurism and fraudulence.