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For workshops and masterclasses, contact bookings@robertmitchellmusic.com.

Piano Tuition :

Content : (includes)

  • Improvisation (Jazz/Free)
  • Jazz or Classical Graded (UK) exams(ABRSM/Trinity Performance/Exam/Audition Prep/Ear training)
  • Technique (music derived or discreet excercises)
  • Performance Prep (physical/mental)
  • Practice (structure / creativity)

Format : Private/ Skype/ Masterclass (30mins/45/1hr/2hr)

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Creativity (Composition/Stylistic Development) :


Content :

  • Inspirations / Analysis
  • Reasoning (what fuels the composition aesthetically?)
  • Approaches (in line with/or as challenge to broaden students creative process)
  • RM Music (analysis, background to all albums/compositions/arrangements)

Format : Private/Skype/ Workshop (illustrated talk – with audio/visual+ Q&A) :45min/1hr/2hr

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The Band:

Content :

  • Inspirational groups (multi genre/non musical)
  • Reasoning (why start? what does this group represent?)
  • Band leading (extended job description)
  • Styles of rehearsal (examples from multiple genres)
  • Longevity (experiences/observations)
  • General Experiences (personal+anecdotal as leader and member)

Format : Private/Skype/ Workshop (illustrated talk – with audio/visual+ Q&A)

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Contact Robert

For questions or concerns about education programs, contact Robert directly via this link. All who write to Robert using this link will receive a free chart download of “Priceless”, a tune from Robert’s 2007 solo release, Equinox. Newsletter subscribers will receive a free mp3 download of “Priceless” as well.